Paxem Boxcount

Paxem Boxcount allows you to quote packing jobs quickly and accurately while on site as you walk through room by room. You can then modify all aspects of the quote, including pricing, and email a copy to the client and home office. 

Key features... 

  • Allows you to count boxes and other materials as you assess each room.

  • Automatically calculates paper and bubble requirements based on box counts (formula not currently customizable).

  • Automatically calculates man hours for packing (formula not currently customizable).

  • Allows you to modify supplies, man hours, and pricing to fine tune the quote after initial walkthrough.

  • Allows you to email quote to customer and home office in various formats.

  • Tracks multiple jobs and multiple locations per job.

  • Tracks multiple contacts and schedules for each job.

  • Quotes can be displayed by job, location, or room.

PLEASE NOTE: This version currently has a fixed supplies and labor catalog with fixed pricing that can only be modified after a quote is created. Such modifications will only affect that quote. We are working to provide access to maintain the catalog directly in a future release so that you can adjust the catalog and pricing to best suit your needs. Formulas used for paper, bubble, and man hours are also currently fixed and not customizable. 

PLEASE NOTE: The photos tab is currently not available in this version. 

Here is a list of requested enhancements we are considering for a future release... 

  • Capture pictures as you walk through each room (enable the photos tab).

  • Customize the supplies and labor catalog and pricing for all future quotes.

  • Customise formulas used for paper, bubble, and man hours.

  • Provide a URL for automatic catalog updates from you own web service.